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High-quality professional body modification.


You need new ink.

We can help. Welcome to Epiphany.


Permanence demands quality.

With ten years in the industry, Epiphany Tattoo founder and owner Amanda Lopez strives to create a unique, professional experience for each client. Since opening the shop in 2015, Epiphany has grown to include A licensed tattoo artist/body piercer and an in-house photographer. Browse through our amanda’s portfolios, shop the store for merch, or shoot us a message with ideas for your next tattoo! 




"To say that Amanda is a phenomenal artist and excels at her craft, would be understatement! Flawless work, exceptional professionalism, and her potential to reach greater heights is only paralleled by her already near-perfect talent. Everyone needs to get a tat here!."

— Chester Brigham


"Awesome people, very neat and clean when it comes to piercing and tattooing. I had my nose pierced and looking forward to getting my first tattoo with these amazing people."

- Wanda Domina